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Project Activities


The prevalence of cardiovascular disease and incidence of vascular events increases with age in the general population. Therefore, as life expectancy in people with haemophilia increases, cardiovascular disease management becomes more important. There are no evidence-based guidelines for antithrombotic management in people with haemophilia and there is little information available on comprehensive risk factor assessment as a general component of haemophilia care.


The ADVANCE working group undertook an assessment of the applicability of the European Society of Cardiology guidelines on the management of acute coronary syndromes (ACS) to people with haemophilia. The aim was to use structured communication techniques to develop recommendations for the management of older people with haemophilia.


Although complete consensus was not achieved, the ADVANCE Working Group concluded that in ACS and myocardial revascularisation, haemophilia treaters have to deal with controversial therapeutic aims that are normally contraindicated in people with haemophilia. The results of this process could aid decision making when tailoring therapy for people with haemophilia in this setting.