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Prospective Study on the Risk, Incidence and Management of Cardiovascular Disease in Older Patients with Haemophilia: The ADVANCE Longitudinal Study

People with haemophilia are living longer and appear to display risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) with a similar prevalence to that of age-matched controls. Yet historical data suggest that people with haemophilia, as a consequence of their hypercoagulable state, may be protected against CVD.


A cross-sectional study by the ADVANCE Working Group showed that CVD was already prevalent in people with severe and mild haemophilia between the ages of 40 and 98 years. However, there are no prospective data on the incidence and management of CVD in people with haemophilia, with guidance documents generally only reflecting 'expert opinion'.


The ADVANCE Working Group is now collecting prospective data on the incidence and management of CVD in older people with haemophilia and will compare the observed rates of fatal and non-fatal CVD events against expected numbers based on CVD risk prediction scores at baseline. It will also document the incidence of other co-morbidities, social status, haemophilia status and treatment.


Over 700 patients have now been recruited to the study from 15 countries, and the study will continue to recruit beyond the planned 800 patients.