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Clinical Management of Older People with Haemophilia

Life expectancy for people with haemophilia has improved and is now approaching that of the general population. The growing population of older people with haemophilia will therefore increasingly face age-related morbidities such as cardiovascular diseases, malignancies, liver disease, and bone and joint related disease, as well as the lifestyle and psychosocial factors that accompany and predispose to many of these conditions.


For many people with haemophilia, frequent contact with haemophilia specialists within the comprehensive care centres supplants the relationship that individuals in the general population have with their general practitioners. As a result, there is a risk that ageing people with haemophilia may miss the chronic disease screening opportunities offered to the general population. The ADVANCE Working Group's review focuses on the screening tests and examinations recommended for age-related comorbidities in the general population that may be applicable to the growing population of older people with haemophilia.


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